Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

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This topic comes straight from Corrine Crabtree, an amazing coach and mentor who helps women lose 100 lbs.  She spoke at a conference I went to recently, and I just can’t improve upon her way of explaining it.  So I’m bringing it to you intact with all her charm and class😆

We’re talking about big ass action versus half ass action today.

Those of you out there who have the audacious and admirable goal of reversing your Type 2 Diabetes and getting rid of your medications can get so much out of this concept.  Because this journey is not a sprint, but a long-distance race.

Big ass action is when you keep taking action until you get the result you want.  You might say it’s relentless pursuit of your goal until you achieve success.  It’s when you take action, and you fail A LOT.  You encounter obstacles and experience set-backs, but you keep figuring out new or different approaches to get the results you want.  You won’t quit.  You remove all other options and go after what you want no matter what.

Most of us take half ass action.  We come up with half ass plans.  We do it half the time, because we are shooting from the hip, making decisions in the moment, getting off track, and making excuses about why we aren’t able to reach our goal.  We let our thinking convince us that we are not in control, that we don’t have time, and that we are suffering too much to make it there.  Half-assers are always starting and stopping.  We fantasize about doing it perfectly, and then beat ourselves up when we misstep.  We collect evidence that we can’t do it, and then use it against ourselves.

What does it take to create big ass action?  Big ass action takers COMMIT and PLAN. 

They refuse to stay stuck in confusion or overwhelm.  When they goof, they process what to do and then go do it.  They start to anticipate obstacles ahead of time, and know how they will handle them.  They schedule time to create a realistic plan and then they stick to their plan because their commitment to it is rock solid.  They have 20+ reasons for why they won’t quit.  They can tell you what their future self looks like who has achieved the goal.

You are either learning or succeeding.  Accept nothing else.” – Corrine Crabtree, Master Certified Life Coach

Don’t let mistakes or “evidence that it’s not working” stop you from taking the next action in your plan.  When you get a blood sugar reading or a number on the scale that isn’t what you wanted to see, don’t let that mean you should quit.

I love the thought, “It doesn’t matter.  Just keep going.”  I actually say this to myself as I register the number on the scale sometimes.

Just. Keep. Going. 

When you feel like you want to quit, go off your plan, or make excuses why you can’t do it right now here is what I want you to do:

  1. Ask yourself: What are the facts of the situation?  Am I making a big deal out of a small thing?
  2. Remember why you started.  Ask yourself: Why am I doing this?  Make yourself answer.
  3. Ask yourself: What is the next action I need to take to move toward my goal?
  4. Imagine your future self who has achieved the goal.  Ask yourself: What advice would he/she give me right now about this problem?

Have you been taking half ass action?  In what ways?  What do you need to do to take big ass action?

I’ll tell you a secret.  Big ass action is created by your thinking.  Every action or inaction we take is created by our thinking.  As a certified life coach, I reveal people’s thinking to them so that they can see why they are half assing and not getting the results they want.

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