Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

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Choosing discomfort goes against your evolution. Your brain is programmed to keep you alive, and it tells you to STOP! when you experience pain.

I mean, why on Earth would you want to intentionally choose to be uncomfortable?

Making the decision to change involves a lot of discomfort. This is the biggest reason we don’t want to change. We have to leave what we know is familiar and move into uncertainty.

Our brains want us to keep the status quo. Rinse and repeat.

In order to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes, you’re going to have to undertake a new way of eating. This might mean new and different foods. Possibly different eating patterns. You won’t want to be on auto pilot and constant indulgence mode.

You’re going to need to plan ahead. Possibly meal prep. You may need to modify your social habits or favorite family dishes.

You may decide to increase your physical activity.

Does this sound like discomfort to you? For many people, this sounds like a river of misery. It sounds like their brain telling them now’s not a good time. That it’s too hard. That they tried that before and it didn’t work.😒

If this is how you think about change, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is just doing it’s job!

Now, I want you to think about this: Are you comfortable having Type 2 Diabetes? Is it comfortable to take 5 different medications every day and check your blood sugars regularly?

Really answer that question.🤔

What kind of discomfort is involved with having diabetes?

  1. Discomfort in your body?
  2. Future discomfort?
  3. Emotional discomfort?

So why not choose the discomfort that gets you somewhere? Make the discomfort work FOR you instead of keeping you stuck in the same downward spiral.

You’re going to be uncomfortable anyway. Make it matter.

Don’t know where to start? I will show you where. Don’t know how to not quit when you can’t stand the discomfort anymore? I will show you how.

I will give you the personal support you need to achieve your dreams, even though it is uncomfortable. I will show you how to embrace the discomfort and do it anyway.

I do this work every day. Sign up for a FREE mini consult with me and you won’t look back, you’ll look forward to freedom from Type 2 Diabetes.

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