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What is the value of having a personal type 2 diabetes coach?

Personal coaching helps you get out of confusion and overwhelm so that you can:


Feel in control of your health and future


Understand your body


Know exactly what to eat


Reduce or eliminate medications safely


Take consistent action to reach your goal


Feel in control of food instead of food being in control of you

The Process

My 16 week 1:1 coaching program guides you through reversing your diabetes through these steps:

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First, I teach you about what has gone wrong in your body and how modern foods are driving the process forward.  Then we learn about how to use food as your medicine.

I also make sure to answer all your questions about blood sugars and medications so you become an expert of your body.

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Personalized Food Plan

Next, we craft a food plan that will begin to heal your body.  We test and measure what works and what to change so that you continue to see normal blood sugars while requiring less and less medication.

I also teach you how your brain makes decisions about food and how to stop self-sabotaging your efforts.

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This is the most helpful piece.

Once you know what to do, you will have to actually do it consistently.

When you feel discouraged or want to quit, I will show you how to manage your thinking so that you learn how to follow a plan that works in a sustainable way for the rest of your life.

Step 1


  • The disease process of type 2 diabetes that most doctors don’t understand
  • Why medication is not the solution
  • How to care for your body properly so that it can heal
  • What delicious foods will reverse insulin resistance
  • How much to eat, when to eat, and how often
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step 2

Personalized Food Plan

  • How to design a simple but impactful diet that reverses diabetes rapidly and produces weight loss
  • How to make your food delicious and satsifying
  • How to control hunger
  • How to stop using food to deal with stress or other negative emotions
  • How to stop overeating because of cravings

Step 3


  • Learning to manage your mind during this process is crucial to your success
  • Coaching allows you to see the old thinking that is stopping you from taking action
  • We focus on making the process feel good so that you can sustain it for the rest of your life
  • Ensures you do not get stuck, stay stuck, or quit on yourself
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working with me helps you do 2 major things:

1. Reach your goals so much faster and

2. Suffer so much less in the process

In our culture, we believe that you have to suffer in order to ask for help.

I want to offer you the idea that this isn’t required.

You don’t have to struggle on your own and stay lost before you get a map and a flashlight.

No one is helping you figure this out right now.  You’re alone in a sea of conflicting information and confusing medical speak.  Plus, you’re scared.

Give yourself permission to hire a guide, an expert, and a friend on this journey.

I promise you that you will never regret it.

What if you are here right now for a reason?

You are capable of controlling your type 2 diabetes and getting off your medications.

I will show you how.


Get Started Today!

Start Your 16 Week Journey to a Life Without Type 2 Diabetes

What my clients say…

I have officially lost 52.4 pounds

My A1C last week was 5.8, which my doctor was very interested and impressed. I am off my metformin, both my long and short acting insulin, and blood pressure med decreased 50% and may come off it also. I am now below my ninth grade weight heading towards 205. 

– Reid

The future looks great

Sarah gave me it to me straight. No mincing of words. She equipped me with the tools that I needed to beat this disease. I can actually envision a life being diabetes and medicine free thanks to Sarah. 

– Victor

My A1c was 4.7

“As I was sitting in the room waiting for my A1c, I heard my doctor say “holy cow!” She then entered the room where I was waiting so nervously to hear my results.  She then mentioned my A1c was 4.7.  Wow wow wow!  3 months ago it was 9.4 when I was first diagnosed.  You can do this! You can take action and control this disease!!  I’ve found great guidance in your group.  I cannot express my deepest gratitude.”   

– Eba

Loved working with Sarah!

She is an uplifting Life Coach who is witty, informed and caring. My first session with her was so powerful, it helped me change the way I thought about food and dieting. She is GREAT!

85lbs gone, A1c of 6.3 from 9.8

I had been on a roller coaster for so long. But now life is 85 lbs gone, A1c of 6.3 from 9.8 ten years ago. I have had that A1c for 9 months now. A healthier lifestyle for me and my family!” 

– Kayla

I discovered I can control my diabetes

“Sarah is a great coach and encouager!!  She has a passion for helping people to understand their disease and how it can be controlled and reversed.  I am grateful for all she has taught me and the ways she has helped me these past four months.”   

– Carol

Wonderful coach!

I cannot say enough. I am excited each week to discover what new way I can work to improve my life. Sarah is inspirational, thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable.”   

– Angel

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I really reverse my diabetes in just 16 weeks?

Absolutely.  It is possible to do it even faster, in fact.

However, it entirely depends on you.

How quickly you reach your goal depends on:

  1. How closely you follow the program,
  2. How often you ask for help on live coaching calls and in the Facebook community,
  3. And how consistently you apply the information to find the food plan that creates this result.

I have seen people reverse their diabetes in half this time.  And these people showed up 100%.

How Do I Know if 1:1 or group is better for me?

First, ask yourself, “What do I want?”  Listen to your gut.  

1:1 coaching with Sarah will also give you access to the group program for 12 months.  

If budget is a major concern, group coaching is going to be an amazing fit for you.

If you are someone who has struggled in the past with starting and stopping over and over, or feeling a lot of negative emotion when trying to change, 1:1 coaching has strong advantages for you.

how long is the program?

Over 16 weeks, we coach weekly over Zoom video conferencing so that it feels like we are together.  This way, I can also show you visual aids that facilitate learning.


What equipment or other things will i need to purchase?

The only things you must have to coach with me are a cell phone or other device that connects to the internet so that we can meet weekly as well as the ability to monitor your blood sugar.

How do I pay for this? does insurance cover this service?

I don’t accept insurance for 2 reasons:

1. When insurance pays you, they also get to tell you what to do.  I’m not interested in that.  Healthcare has enough of this conflict of interest going on.

2. When people have to pay for something, they are more invested and attentive.  They are making a decision to say yes to themselves and believe in something important to them.  I like giving my clients the ability to do that.

That being said, I do accept payments when paying in full is an obstacle.  Payment is typically accepted electronically.


Have more questions?

Reach out to Sarah