Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

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Healthcare is driven by industry and insurance companies.  This means that how we diagnose and treat disease is strongly influenced by those who make money in the healthcare industry.

In many ways, everyone falls victim to this—both patients and healthcare providers.  Doctors are being tasked with seeing more patients in less time.  Who benefits from 15 minute appointments?  No one.  Lower reimbursement rates from medical insurance plans are putting the pressure on healthcare providers to bill for more visits to keep their doors open.  Paradoxically, this lowers the quality of the care delivered and probably drives costs up, not down.

National guidelines that are the consensus and authority for disease management consult the “evidence,” or research, in their field so that they can provide doctors with the most up to date information about what is proven to work and what is not.  So who is doing research?  Often, it’s done by those who stand to gain.  A new drug or new treatment for a problem undergoes rigorous scientific testing to prove that it is safe and effective.  No one makes money off studying fasting, for example.  There is a huge lack of research on dietary solutions, even for diseases that are caused by a poor diet!  However, there are piles of research being done on medications.

Medical providers receive a great deal of training on what medications to prescribe. Treatment guidelines are vague about what to tell people when it comes to weight loss, and bad advice abounds.

Does this sound familiar in your own experience or maybe someone you love?  When you go to the doctor and learn you have Type 2 Diabetes or high blood pressure, do you get more education on how to take your new medication than on how to eliminate your problem through weight loss and lifestyle changes?  As time goes on, do you accumulate more and more drugs, but you don’t really FEEL any better?  Every so many months, you go back to the doctor and either get more meds or not, but do you rarely feel encouraged that you can take fewer meds and reverse the process of your disease?  Why is that?  Wouldn’t you expect the goal would be to work toward eliminating your need for meds and restoring your health?

The reason is because it takes lots of time to educate and support a person on this kind of journey.  Behavior change is HARD.  And on top of that, most of the advice you get at the doctor’s office is too vague to apply and downright DOESN’T WORK!

  • You may be told, “Lose 7% of your body weight.”  Or “Eat less, move more.”  Or “Eat healthy and exercise.”  “Count calories and portion control.”
  • What the heck does this even mean?  And for anyone who has tried the “calories in, calories out” method, they know that it doesn’t work beyond a few months, if at all.

You can’t argue with the failure of our healthcare system to guide people back to a life free of disease.  More and more Americans are becoming obese and developing a multitude of related diseases.  In just a generation, we are experiencing a public health crisis!

So if you are looking for an alternative—welcome here!

Yup, I’m the pharmacist that wants to help you get off your meds—those meds you are taking for lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heartburn.  What’s more is when you restore your body to how it is designed to function, you won’t need all those meds (or at least fewer of them) and you’ll feel so much better my friend!

It’s my passion and life’s purpose to help those like you become empowered and find your way to health and wellbeing, with or without medications.  I want to share with you an alternative to taking medications and getting sicker from diseases that are REVERSIBLE, such as Type 2 Diabetes, essential hypertension, PCOS, gout, obesity, GERD, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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