Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

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Is your mind working to support you?  Or is it working to undermine you? 

Is your mind solving problems?  Or is it stuck in overwhelm and confusion?

Your mind is the rider that directs the horse.  We cannot change the direction of the horse to find our way to reversing diabetes, or solving any problem for that matter, without gaining the cooperation of the rider.

In this episode I explain why mindset is the missing piece for so many working to achieve important goals.  Managing your mind is required in order to overcome obstacles and create permanent change.

I teach this in a practical and applicable way so that you can start getting your brain on board with what you really want to change in your life.

Show Notes:
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Books mentioned in this episode:
A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson
Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine

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