Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

Cheat Sheet: How to Interpret Your Blood Sugar Readings

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Let’s say that you are destined to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.  It’s guaranteed.  FREEDOM from diabetes.

Imagine that for a second.  Think about this future version of yourself as real.  Imagine what their doctor’s visits are like.  What it is like to wake up every morning and skip the process of the glucometer and meds.  Having a clear plan of what to eat that works.  Having energy to handle all the daily duties and enjoy your family.  And having the mental clarity to focus at work.  Really let it come to life in your mind.

Who is this person?  How does he or she make decisions about food and sleep and taking care of themselves?  It’s so important to answer this question for yourself.

The future version of yourself who has accomplished this incredible challenge knows HOW they got there.  And what it takes for you to get there is what it takes for you to stay there, free from diabetes.

At the core, this post is all about your relationship with yourself.

It’s about how you treat yourself.  It’s about making decisions and honoring your commitment to yourself.  And it’s about telling yourself the truth.

Answer this: What’s stopping you from reversing your diabetes?  LIST ALL THE REASONS.

I used to think that the reason I couldn’t lose all my weight is because of my kids.  (Yeah, I used to blame my kids for a lot of things!)  I was constantly handling and preparing the WORST kinds of foods (cheetos, pizza, candy, you name it), and I told myself it wasn’t fair that I had to deal with all this while trying to lose weight.

Then I took 100% responsibility for everything I put in my mouth.  I stopped lying to myself about why I wasn’t able to loose the weight.

Look at your reasons and ask yourself: Is this even the truth?  Am I giving my power away?

Have you ever considered that you have a relationship with yourself?

Can you love yourself?

When you promise yourself something, do you always make it happen?

Do you take care of yourself so you can take care of other people in your life?

I want to spend a minute talking about why this matters when you are going through a huge change, both physical and mental.

Relationships are really just your thoughts about a person.

It does not exist outside of your mind, as something that can be described by someone outside of it.

The most another person could say as a fact about a relationship would be something like: “They are husband and wife.” Or, “They are mother and son.”

Everything else is just thoughts.  This is why in a relationship, two people can have completely different perceptions of what it is like.  One might say it’s a loving, intimate relationship and the other might say they feel disconnected and barely know the other person.  It doesn’t exist in the place between the two people.  It exists only in their minds.

So if we know that a relationship is a collection of thoughts in your mind, it’s important to see our thoughts about ourselves.  Because these thoughts will drive how we feel about ourselves and how we act toward ourselves.

If we want to honor our commitments to ourselves, if we want to start holding ourselves accountable when we make a decision, we have to think about ourselves in a way that creates that kind of action.

Consider an example where you are a caregiver, like a parent or a caregiver of an elderly parent or grandparent.  You probably love this person and are committed to the safety and well being of this one you love.  You do your best to never let them down, and if they need something, you prioritize it.

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions and do what is best even though they may not agree.  All this is coming from a place of loving the heck out of them.  You show up for them no matter what.  You do what must be done even when there’s diarrhea involved.🤢

What if you thought about yourself this way?

I love to think about myself as the CEO of my life.  How do I want to treat this person?

A recent podcast from my favorite mentor, Brooke Castillo, was about giving your future self gifts from today.  This is a little bit of a mind-bender, but think about it like this:

Who is the version of YOU in a year from now?  In 5 years or 10 years?  He or she exists.  Think about her.  What do you want for her?  Do you want her to be dealing with the same struggles and BS as you are right now?  Or do you want to give her better health and peace of mind?

What gifts can you give her now?  Are you willing to do the hard work today and solve this problem for the last time so that she can wake up everyday and be free of her diabetes?  She’s not checking her sugars and beating herself up and having all the guilt and shame about what she’s eating and worrying about what bad news she’s going to get at the doctor’s office.  She’s not afraid of what her diabetes is going to do to her and her future.

I LOVE this concept.  It really brings to life what it feels like to LOVE yourself and to make decisions to take care of yourself.

For 14 days starting September 18th, I’m offering FREE coaching for those of you who want to become the person who reverses their diabetes.

What’s included:

  1. Workbook that takes you through the process of developing your compelling reason and action plan. Guides you through anticipating all the obstacles and staying accountable so you can reach your goal.
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When you address the CAUSE of Type 2 Diabetes, you get results FAST. That’s why it only takes 14 days to see the impact.

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