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Cheat Sheet: How To Interpret Blood Sugar Readings

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A Bit About My Expertise

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy.  I have been board certified in both Pharmacotherapy and Ambulatory Care specialties.  Basically, I’m an overachiever in the world of pharmacists.  But that is how I roll.  I am driven to get better so that I can serve my patients better.  They deserve the best.

I’m not your typical pharmacist.  I’ve been practicing since 2006.  I worked in primary care for 8 years, meeting privately with people who were having problems with their medications.

Often, the most complex medication problems were referred to me.  Uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure being the most common problems I dealt in.  I made sure medications were appropriate, doing the job they were supposed to do, not causing problems like side effects or drug interactions, and that my patients could afford them and take them the way they were supposed to be taken.

I’m also a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach.  I obtained certification from the best coaching school in the world.  Coaching uses the most effective, powerful tools to show you your own thinking so that you can understand why you are not getting the results in your life that you want.